7 Color Changing USB Himalayan Salt Lamp


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Abdul Sami Paracha
salt lamp

Thanks the salt lamp is very beautiful and soothing provides nice sleep in dim light. Marvelous.

Himalayan salt lamps have been used for their reputed health benefits. These salt lamps are made From Himalayan Salt which comes from the original body of the sea, The Primal Sea, located within the Himalayan Mountains. They are bound electrically, which allows the salt crystal to change from a crystalline to a liquid state. When the lamp is lit up from an incandescent bulb the lamp gives off an electrical charge that releases negative ions into the air, which is a good thing. The negative ions clear up the excess positive ions from cell phones, computers, televisions, radio, microwaves, and even toxic cleaning agents.

  • Best for Allergy Patient
  • Improve your concentration
  • Enhance of the immune system
  • Fatigue from constant exposure to a computer
  • Reduction of asthma attacks
  • Respiratory problem
  • Sinus problem
  • Snoring
  • Generate negative ions
  • Purify air
  • Deodorize air
  • Relief seasonal infections
  • Treat respiratory ailments
  • Regulate sleep cycle
  • Boost mood and energy
  • Source of color therapy

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